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Established in 1991,
was co-founded by cameraman Gifford Hooper and Pilot Philip George, and has, over the years, developed a reputation as one of the foremost providers of aerial filming services. HoverCam is based on a 3 acre site in the South West of England from which our full sized helicopters fly and team are located.
Hovercam HQ Aerial Photo
Gifford Hooper
  1. Gifford Hooper

  2. Director / Aerial Cameraman

  3. Co-founder of HoverCam Ltd. and an Academy Award winner,

  4. Although Gifford has now left the company, he helped build the company into what it is today and his valued input lives on.

Philip George
  1. Philip George

  2. Director / Pilot / Aerial Cameraman  A filming pilot with over 20 years experience and a proven track record in remote controlled aerial image capture.. Phil has recently won an Academy Award for technical innovation.

Meet the team below:

  1. Benet Allen

  2. Chief Pilot /

  3. Benet is our commercially qualified chief pilot.

  1. Marcus Shirley

  2. Aerial Cameraman / Technician

  3. Marcus has a BA (hons) in photography and has a keen eye for getting the shot.

About Us

Marcus Shirley

News:  Hovercam has won two Academy Awards for technical achievement :

To Gifford Hooper and Philip George of HoverCam for the continuing development of the Helicam miniature helicopter camera system.