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Our Hovercam (Helicam) has a turbine engine and a three axis gimbal.

These small, five feet long, radio controlled helicopters fly just like the real thing and are capable of flying in more hostile conditions than the drone. In addition to being highly manoeuvrable the camera may be panned and tilted individually in a gyro-stabilised mount. Range is limited to the visual acuity of the operator. The Hovercam can easily carry the heavier professional cameras such as a RED EPIC.

The daily hire rate for the HoverCam includes a pilot, camera operator and a technician (in most cases). To see the type of imagery that can be captured please see our Show-reel.

Full Size Helicopter

Our conventional single engined Helicopter (Hughes 500) comes complete with our own specialist filming pilot, aerial cameraman and optional HD camera gimbal. We are able to shoot anything from 16 mm to 35 mm film, as well as broadcast and high definition video. We  can also shoot with the Alexa or a Red Epic on a prime lens only.  Generally working from a previously agreed shot list and send you the imagery on the media you require. When you book with HoverCam you are effectively ordering library footage which we acquire in our own time, before an agreed deadline. We are not licensed to carry passengers. We can work very effectively to a shot list. However we can also shoot specific events so call us for a quote.


Our  Filming helicopter (Hughes 500) can be transported long distances by road on a trailer. if you have a shoot anywhere in Europe, let us quote you a good rate to position there. (Cost usually based on 150p / mile and £500 per day travel time + expenses / ferry etc.).  All  we need is a hotel near the location with a suitable area to take off from.

                      CAA  ID   001


Our Octocopter (Drone) pretty much flies itself. If you want a good, cheaper option for slow moves and stable filming with a Canon 5D or Panasonic GH4 (4K)  supplied, then this is the bird for you.

Our Quadcopter is optimized for the Gopro hero3+ with a corrected lens. (no fish eye).  This can fly fpv, even at night!

Flight times are up to ten minutes per battery set and battery change takes five minutes.

Both camera mounts use brushless motors for a very steady and level horizon.

HoverCam has over twenty five years experience in both  remote controlled and helicopter  aerial filming.